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Kenneth D. Gardels Award

I knew Kenn for only a very short period of time, from 1994 until he passed away in 1999. However, during that time, I came to realize that he was involved in many activities that supported his motto "Think Globally, Act Locally". He even had "TGAL" on his license plates (I'm told, I never did see his car). He believed that the Open GIS Consortium would be a way to provide global benefit and he worked hard to ensure some of its early successes. He helped with the first public demonstration of the OGC vision at the GIS/LIS show in Cincinatti, Ohio in 1997. Unfortunately he did not get to see the Web Mapping Testbed demonstrations in 1999, but he would have been quite pleased at the outcome.

Kenn's obituary in Geo Info Systems.

A memorial to Kenn at Berkeley with a great picture of him.

Kenn's old home page at Berkeley (Maybe they will keep this up forever?)

GeoWorld obituary for Kenn.

The award consists of a gold coin. The 1999 recipient is John Herring of Oracle Corporation. (If you find any links to articles about John's award, let me know)

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